Breast Lift

Board certified plastic surgeon Dr. Ed Pittman performs mastopexy in order to lift and re-shape your breasts.* Nursing, pregnancy, gravity, and significant weight gain or loss can cause breasts to lose their firmness and shape over time. A breast lift with Dr. Pittman addresses this sagging and inevitable loss of self-confidence.* Your surgeon can also restore enlarged nipple areolar complexes to a smaller size while repositioning them on the breast.* Breast lifts are commonly performed in conjunction with breast augmentation surgery, to give you fuller, more youthful breasts.*

Your breast lift procedure is performed under general anesthesia. Breast lift surgery with Dr. Pittman typically takes two to three hours at our private, fully accredited AAAHC surgical facility, offering each patient comfort and convenience, while avoiding a hospital visit and those associated costs.* To perform a breast lift, incisions are made around the areola and vertically down the breast. It is sometimes necessary for incisions to extend into the crease beneath the breast. Excess skin can also be removed before elevating the nipple areolar complex to a more balanced, youthful position on the breast.* For the first month after your procedure, Dr. Ed Pittman will place restrictions on any strenuous upper-body or exercise activity. It is also required for patients to wear a supportive bra consistently for several weeks after surgery.

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*The results of any procedure vary from patient to patient depending on multiple factors. There is no guarantee of satisfaction with end results. All recovery times are estimates and not guaranteed.