A facelift, “face lift”, or rhytidectomy restores youth to your face, neck and jowls by removing any sagging skin and major wrinkles.* To address excess fat in the neck or chin, plastic surgeon Dr. Ed Pittman will use direct excision or liposuction.* A facelift can smooth out your skin and redefine your neck and jaw contours, providing a more vibrant, alert appearance.* Facelift surgery can be performed along with other facial procedures, such as a browlift and eyelid surgery to give your face a balanced, youthful look.*

At Pittman Plastic Surgery we have performed many facelift procedures with beautiful results.*


Facelift surgery takes three to four hours at our private, AAAHC accredited surgical center.* Our facility offers you comfort and convenience, helping to avoid a hospital visit and associated costs. Dr. Pittman makes incisions in the natural crease in front of your ear, around your earlobe and behind your ear, extending into the hairline. He then elevates the skin, tightens your neck and facial muscles, removes any excess skin and finishes by re-draping your skin.*

After your procedure, you may have a drain inserted overnight or you may also be sent home with head and neck wrappings. After Dr. Pittman approves the removal of any drains or head wrappings, it may still be required for you to wear a removable chin strap for the next few weeks. Though sutures are typically removed 7-10 days after your surgery, it may take a full two to three weeks to fully heal and see your facelift surgery results.*

Please call Michele, our Patient Care Coordinator at (706) 549-3203, for more information. She will walk you through the process of financing your procedures. You can also contact Michele by using our online form.

*The results of any procedure vary from patient to patient depending on multiple factors. There is no guarantee of satisfaction with end results. All recovery times are estimates and not guaranteed.