Nipple Surgery

At Pittman Plastic Surgery, Dr. Ed Pittman performs a minimally invasive nipple surgery to correct inverted nipples.*

Inversion occurs because of several factors. Some women are born with a genetic pre-disposition for this condition, while others have breasts that have been damaged due to breastfeeding or trauma. The condition occurs when the ducts underneath the nipples somehow tether to the breast tissue, pulling them inward toward the breast.

Surgical correction involves very little downtime and can be performed under local anesthetic. Dr. Pittman simply makes two small incisions, releasing the ducts that are pulling the nipples down and closing the incisions. This simple procedure allows the nipples to return to a natural position, without visible scarring and long recovery periods.* Dr. Pittman then uses tiny stitches to bolster the positioning of the nipples and prevent a recurrence.* This procedure can also be performed during other breast surgeries.

The risks to this procedure are minimal, as the incisions are tiny.* It may interfere with future breastfeeding attempts and some women experience decreased sensation. Otherwise, the results typically remain long-lasting, freeing the patient from the uncomfortable feelings about their body that are often associated with this condition.*

If you are ready to attain a natural look for your breasts through the skilled hands of Dr. Ed Pittman at Pittman Plastic Surgery, contact our office today to schedule a consultation.*

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*The results of any procedure vary from patient to patient depending on multiple factors. There is no guarantee of satisfaction with end results. All recovery times are estimates and not guaranteed.