Breast Procedures

Board certified plastic surgeon, Dr. Ed Pittman, specializes in cosmetic and reconstructive breast surgery at Pittman Plastic Surgery in Athens, GA. Many patients seek cosmetic breast procedures to alter the size and shape of their breasts. Breast augmentation and breast reduction surgery can help patients achieve proportionate results to help them feel confident and reach their aesthetic goals.* Dr. Pittman offers a variety of breast implants for patients to choose from and utilizes the latest surgical techniques. To address sagging breasts caused from pregnancy or aging, breast lift surgery can restore breasts to a more elevated, youthful look.*

Another type of plastic surgery available at Pittman Plastic Surgery is breast reconstruction. After a lumpectomy or mastectomy to remove breast cancer, Dr. Pittman can rebuild the breast mound to achieve a more natural appearance.* Breast reconstruction can be performed directly after breast cancer surgery or delayed until the patient is ready. Nipple surgery can be performed individually or in conjunction with breast reconstruction or cosmetic surgery for a more balanced result.*

*The results of any procedure vary from patient to patient depending on multiple factors. There is no guarantee of satisfaction with end results. All recovery times are estimates and not guaranteed.

What is Dr. Pittman’s philosophy on breast implant safety?

How many breast augmentations has Dr. Pittman performed?

Do you recommend silicone or saline implants?

Where will the incision be made?

Do implants cause any issues with breast feeding?

When can I exercise after a breast augmentation?

Many seek to improve the size and shape of their breasts, desiring to feel more feminine and confident. During consultations, we welcome the opportunity to discuss with patients their individual aesthetic goals. Pittman Plastic Surgery, in Athens, GA offers saline, silicone, or highly cohesive silicone gel breast implants, depending on your unique needs and desired…

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Board certified plastic surgeon Dr. Ed Pittman performs mastopexy in order to lift and re-shape your breasts.* Nursing, pregnancy, gravity, and significant weight gain or loss can cause breasts to lose their firmness and shape over time. A breast lift with Dr. Pittman addresses this sagging and inevitable loss of self-confidence.* Your surgeon can also…

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Breast reduction surgery is performed at Pittman Plastic Surgery in Athens, GA for women and men who either have troublesome health issues or lack self-confidence due to their very large, heavy breasts. There are many medical issues attributable to large breasts, including: neck & back pain associated with breast weight skin irritation or chafing bra…

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Breast reconstruction recreates a breast mound in women who have had their breasts altered or removed by breast cancer surgery. The goal is to rebuild a natural-looking breast that is symmetrical with the other breast.* Depending on the circumstances, breast reconstruction can begin immediately after mastectomy or as a delayed procedure, anywhere from several weeks…

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Are you looking to improve the shape or size of your breasts in Greensboro or Lake Oconee GA? The board certified plastic surgeons at Pittman Plastic Surgery specialize in breast augmentation Greensboro/Lake Oconee. The surgery consultation with the expert Dr. Pittman will help you to decide what implants might work best for you. We offer many…

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Breast augmentation is the best way to improve the shape or size of your breasts. Pittman Plastic Surgery are the experts on breast augmentation Jefferson GA. During our consultations, we work with you to determine our plan for augmentation based on your individual preferences and goals. We offer different types of implants depending on the look…

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