There’s no debating the fact that mommy makeover surgery is one of the most commonly requested combination of plastic surgery procedures for women across the United States. For many women, the custom combination of breast surgery and body contouring procedures effectively minimizes the physical effects of pregnancy and childbirth in addition to restoring a more youthful confidence. Drs. Ed Pittman with mommy makeover candidates daily on how to best restore their pre-baby appearance; however, there are a few popular misconceptions they would like to elucidate:

MYTH:Mommy makeover surgery is just another name for a tummy tuck.

FACT:While mommy makeover surgery does typically include a tummy tuck to retighten muscles that stretch or detach during pregnancy, it also typically consists of breast surgery and liposuction based on the patient’s individual cosmetic needs.

MYTH:Only young moms should have mommy makeover surgery.

FACT:There is no one age for mommy makeover surgery; in fact, the physicians of Pittman Plastic Surgery recommend that patients wait to have surgery until they are done having children as additional pregnancies can impact your mommy makeover results.

MYTH:I have to get breast implants during mommy makeover surgery.

FACT:Just like any cosmetic procedure that Dr. Pittman performs, your particular plan of care for mommy makeover is based exclusively on your unique needs.  For some women, breast implants are desired to restore lost breast volume resulting after breast feeding multiple children; however, others require breast lift surgery to restore a more youthful breast position, and some don’t require breast surgery at all.

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