At Pittman Plastic Surgery, P.C. we’re proud to be a Platinum Plus Allergan® Partner. This partnership is awarded to practices based on the high volume and quality of BOTOX® and Juvéderm® treatments performed. To better serve you and your busy schedules, we’re extending our office hours every second and fourth Tuesday of each month from 5:00pm to 7:00pm and invite you to join us for our BOTOX® After Hours.

Unfortunately, we all know that we can’t stop aging in its tracks…the good news is that there are rejuvenation treatments that can help you achieve an improved appearance. With so many fillers on today’s market that have different objectives and target specific areas, it may seem hard to keep them all straight. Here’s a breakdown of the FDA-approved cosmetic injectables our certified nurse injector, Staci Sanders, R.N. performs alongside Dr. Ed Pittman:

Belotero Balance®: This injectable is targeted to fit your individual facial contours and is made of hyaluronic acid which helps to reduce wrinkles and restore areas of the face such as the lips and crow’s feet that have lost volume.

BOTOX®:Perhaps the most widely-known cosmetic injectable. With a series of injections, a clinical formula is used to relax facial muscles that cause you to frown or squint and by restraining these muscles, wrinkles and furrows around the forehead and eye area are smoothed.

Juvéderm® XC: Injected into the cheeks, chin, and lips. The smooth gel adds volume to lax skin and reduces the appearance of wrinkles, lasting up to one year. Juvéderm® XC is infused with lidocaine (a local anesthetic) to ensure comfort during injection.

Restylane®: Restores volume and fullness to smooth wrinkles in the nose and fill the corners of the mouth. Restylanes® is approved for patients over the age of 21 looking to enhance their lips and can last up to six months.

Juvéderm Voluma™ XC:This is the newest FDA-approved facial filler on the market. In comparison to other facial fillers, Voluma™ is unique due to its efficiency to specifically treat volume loss to provide a more youthful appearance for all three areas of the cheek.

Radiesses®:Adds volume to depleted areas of the face including chin, lower cheeks, nasolabial folds, and jawline. Radiesses® boosts collagen production so once absorbed, your body will continue creating collagen with results lasting up to a year or more.

When it comes to wrinkles, worry lines, crow’s feet, or furrows, for some of us, our only goal is to get rid of them but it is important to do your homework beforehand. Check out our flyer below for more details about our BOTOX® After Hour.

Please don’t hesitate to contact us if you have any questions or would like to schedule your appointment with Staci, Dr. Pittman, or Dr. Ski.  Be sure to check out our additional specials this month and follow us on Facebook,Twitter, Google+, and Instagram.