Dr. Ed Pittman has provided Athens and surrounding area patients with exceptional plastic surgery results and the finest in aesthetic medicine care since 1992. As a board certified plastic and reconstructive surgeon, he knows that education and experience make all the difference in maximizing patient satisfaction. It was this understanding the led Dr. Pittman to open Pittman Plastic Surgery’s onsite AAAHC certified Surgical Center in 2001 to optimize patients’ experiences by providing the best in surgical setting and technology while ensuring patient safety. Because AAAHC may be just a string of letters to some, Dr. Pittman took a moment to answers the most frequently asked questions he receives about Pittman Plastic Surgery’s Surgical Center:

What is AAAHC accreditation?

AAAHC certification is a voluntary recognition granted by the Accreditation Association for Ambulatory Health Care after the successful application, review, and completion of the organization’s qualifying criteria.  This is one of the highest honors a medical operating facility can earn.  Some of these requirements include compliance with the applicable federal, state, and local medical facility laws; maintenance of the appropriate state licensure, surprise inspections, and direct supervision of services by a board certified doctor of medicine.

Is having surgery in an AAAHC facility different from in-office plastic surgery?

Yes, while Pittman Plastic Surgery’s Surgical Center is located on our Athens office campus, it is not the same as having an in-office cosmetic procedure. Most plastic surgeons make this in-office comparison to appeal to a procedure’s convenience; however, in-office procedures are typically those completed only under local anesthesia and not as complex as those that may be completed in a qualified Surgical Center using general or twilight anesthesia.

What does having an accredited facility mean for my plastic surgery results?

I always tell patients how important is to be honest with their plastic surgeon and medical care team about any questions or concerns they may have before surgery as well as their cosmetic concerns in order to maximize their satisfaction with their plastic surgery results. I believe that because my team and I are with you the entire way from plastic surgery consultation and surgery through recovery we’re better able to manage any concerns you have and mitigate any risk factors that would be more difficult to predict off site.

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