A few years back, gauged earrings started becoming increasingly popular. The sect of fashion and culture responsible for many of today’s modern tattoo and piercing practices decided that simply piercing ears was no longer enough. Bigger is better, so wouldn’t bigger earlobes be best? Individuals interested in this new look could insert earrings into their earlobes of incrementally increasing diameter. This would have the effect of slowly and painlessly stretching the skin and cartilage to accommodate the next size diameter. The result was large earlobes stretched around earrings. Individuals could stop when they reached the gauge size they desired or, theoretically, could continue increasing their earlobe size almost indefinitely. Many men and women ended up with large holes in their ears and very large earlobes that dangled toward their shoulders.

Unfortunately, in addition to its somewhat underground origins, this fashion fad has many things in common with tattoos and body piercings. Often obtained during a rebellious or youthful phase, teenagers and young people become adult men and women that occasionally regret their decision. Alternatively, many traditional workplaces don’t approve of facial tattoos, lip piercings, or extra-large earlobes. While there is a commercial culture built around delivering customized tattoos and piercings, there is also a subset of cosmetic surgery designed to remove colorful skin designs and repair damage caused by piercings. Once viewed as permanent, it is now possible to go back and change your mind about that line of bunnies skipping and holding hands around your forearm.

The same is true for gauged ears. Men and women that regret a youthful decision to stretch their earlobes beyond recognition, or those that simply want to change their look, now have the option of surgical repair. Dr. Pittman is a board-certified plastic surgeon with extensive experience in head and neck surgery. He is able to reshape your earlobe to resemble its former version and return it to a normal size with minimal pain or recovery time. This procedure can also be used to repair normal-sized earlobes that have been split due to overly heavy earrings or improper piercing technique.

Be sure to maintain that unique and rebellious streak on the inside, even while conforming to physical appearances on the outside. The decisions about what you do with your body belong to you. Choosing to get a tattoo is just as acceptable as choosing to remove it. Experimenting with gauge earrings may have been a phase of your youth that helped shape the independent, free-thinking and open-minded person you are today. Simply removing the earrings and repairing the damage doesn’t change who you are. Be yourself.

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