If you’re interested in undergoing Botox injections, it might often seem like you can just head to your local medical spa to get them. But before you hop in your car, wait – Botox injections can potentially influence your facial appearance, so it’s important to find the right Botox provider for you.

But how exactly do you know if you’re going to the right place for your Botox injections?

Botox Injectables Athens GA

I would HIGHLY recommend Dr. Pittman. He and his staff were both professional and very friendly and helpful. My results were even better than I expected and the quality of his work is excellent!


Choosing the Right Place for Botox Injections

If you’re ready to experience the anti-aging powers of Botox, here’s how to choose the right place for your Botox injections:

  1. Make sure you understand exactly what Botox injections are designed to treat. Botox targets the underlying causes of frown lines between the eyebrows and crow’s feet. Typically Botox is only used to treat the upper one third of the face.
  2. Ask your friends to see if they have any recommendations. Word-of-mouth referrals are important to choosing the right Botox specialist, so don’t hesitate to put the word out there that you’re looking for Botox recommendations.
  3. Look to see if a Botox provider has a portfolio of past work. Often these can be found in before and after photo galleries on provider websites. This way, you can determine if those results are similar to the results you’re looking for.
  4. Have a firm understanding of what your budget allows. This doesn’t mean you should go for a cheaper injection specialist, but knowing your budget ahead of time can help you make more empowered decisions.
  5. Search for a provider who has advanced training, professional certifications and many years of experience. You want an experienced provider who can answer all your questions and provide a treatment plan that is right for you.

Meet Our Certified Injection Specialists

At Pittman Plastic Surgery our CANS (Certified Aesthetic Nurse Specialist) certified registered nurse Charlotte Sims.  She is an Allergan certified Master Injector that bring a wealth of experience and training to each patient.

I felt comfortable and confident that everything would go great because Dr. Lugo and her staff are teriffic. They have an answer for every question and thoroughly help settle any concerns. Dr. Lugo was easy to reach by phone/text. My results are incredible, too.


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