Perhaps you are one of the many women that have silently suffered with inverted nipples for most of your life. Some women are born with this congenital defect, while others acquire it after breast reduction, augmentation or a course of breastfeeding in which the breast tissue swells to accommodate the incoming milk. Whatever the cause, the reason for your inverted nipple is a shortened milk duct leading from the nipple to the chest wall. The appearance of the nipple may be distorted or puckered and can be downright painful.

Women with inverted nipples often complain that their bras are painful or don’t fit comfortably. They are also often self-conscious when wearing skimpy bikinis at the beach. If both nipples are inverted, there often isn’t a reliable way to know that someone has inverted nipples by viewing their breast contour through clothes. However, if only one side is inverted, the asymmetry may make the problem conspicuous and the woman self-conscious.

What many women with this condition don’t realize is that there is a relatively simple procedure to fix the milk duct and repair the inverted nipple. Years of pain and insecurity can be erased in the matter of a few short hours. If you are wondering if this type of surgery is right for you, contact Dr. Pittman and his team of friendly professionals. Dr. Pittman is a board-certified plastic surgeon that performs inverted nipple repair procedures.

The biggest decision you will have to make regarding the surgery is about whether or not you would like the milk duct system to be preserved. Women that have finished their childbearing years or are not planning to have any children can choose the easier option of detaching the milk ducts. This version of the surgery is much simpler and can often be done under local anesthetic alone. The offending milk duct is quickly detached and the nipple automatically falls into a relaxed, outward position.

For women that haven’t completed their childbearing years or plan to have more children, inverted nipple repair with attached milk ducts can be performed. This surgery may take longer and is more intricate. Instead of simply detaching the offending milk duct, the surgeon will encourage the nipple into an outward position by other measures. Incisions are made that lift the nipple and areola from the breast tissue, but keep it still attached. Purse string stitches are put in place and the resulting scar tissue that forms as the nipple heals will push it out from its inverted position.

In both types of surgical repair, the nipple sensation is left intact. The surgeon accomplishes this by disturbing as few nerve endings as possible. This will maintain a normal and natural nipple sensation after the operation is complete. This factor is obviously important to a lot of women.

If you are bothered by your inverted nipples, talk to Dr. Pittman and his team of friendly professionals today. The surgical procedure is so simple, you won’t know why you lived with the condition for so long.

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