Many men and women around the world are turning to elective cosmetic surgical procedures to improve their appearance and self-esteem. A recent explosion in popularity has generated buzz about plastic surgery holidays. A plastic surgery holiday is a period of time away from work and life in which you undergo a series of complementary procedures and return as a refreshed and rejuvenated version of your former self. Your holiday may be days, weeks or months, depending on the type of procedures you want to have done. More invasive procedures or those with larger incisions obviously take longer to heal and require more downtime. Planning ahead to take time off work and away from your other responsibilities helps the healing process and can ultimately shorten the recovery time.

But what if you want to show off your new body on the beach instead of in the office? How long before your southern sunny white-sand getaway should you book your liposuction procedure? When will your body be truly at its’ bikini best? Board-certified plastic surgeon, Dr. Pittman and his team of friendly professionals want to help you look your and feel your best on the beach without betraying the secret of your recent surgical procedure.

While there are many different types of liposuction techniques and the recovery time can vary depending on how much fat tissue is being removed, it is an invasive surgery that may require the use of general anesthesia. However, suction cannula usually only requires small incisions that heal relatively quickly. The major recovery period will involve a reduction in the swelling, tenderness, pain, and other localized effects of the liposuction surgery.

Most liposuction patients are able to return to work within one week. A moderate amount of rest is required right after surgery and it is recommended that you enlist the help of a friend or family member around the house. You should avoid heavy lifting and strenuous physical activity, including exercise. Dr. Pittman may recommend that you wear compression garments for a short period in order to reduce swelling and inflammation. These garments are easily concealed under a normal wardrobe and your clothes should fit and look better. Dr. Pittman may prescribe a course of medication to help with pain during this period.

Dr. Pittman will recommend that you wait at least 2-4 weeks before engaging in strenuous physical activity such as exercise. During this month, your body will still be in the healing process. Any swelling, inflammation or bruising should resolve. Swelling and inflammation are two of the body’s natural responses to the healing process. Unfortunately, this can compromise the results of the liposuction surgery and hide the overall effect.

In order to fully appreciate the dramatic results of your liposuction surgery, you may have to wait one to six months. During this time, incision lines will heal and fade to small white scars. Dr. Pittman will attempt to place the incisions in locations that are easy to hide, even with the skimpiest of bikinis. Take the time to plan ahead for your surgery and your beach body will thank you for it!

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