The decision to undergo breast augmentation is an intensely personal one. Every patient pursues breast surgery for their own reasons; similarly, every patient has their own rationale for electing to receive saline or silicone breast implants over the other. While the latest American Society of Aesthetic Plastic Surgery Statistics (ASAPS) indicate that an increased number (over 105,000) of plastic surgery patients are electing silicone breast implants, Dr. Ed Pittman is careful to remind patients to approach their plastic surgery decision carefully.

“I encourage my patients to really think about their breast implant choice.  While a majority of my patients (around 90%) choose silicone implants for their breast augmentation, popularity certainly should not be the deciding factor. After all, you’re the person who will be most impacted by your breast surgery results,” says Dr. Pittman.

Both saline and silicone breast implants can produce aesthetically pleasing breast enhancement results. While saline implants do physically weigh more than silicone per cc, the exact size and shape of the implant used will be predetermined during a plastic surgery consultation with Dr. Pittman. During the consultation, he will also thoroughly evaluate your family history, cosmetic concerns, frame, and body weight to help you determine the most flattering implant.

It is during this meeting that Dr. Pittman will discuss the breast surgery technique and breast augmentation incision type to be used to meet your cosmetic goals. You and Dr. Pittman can also discuss the appropriateness of the procedure. For many women who have had children or have lost large amounts of weight, breast augmentation is used to increase breast volume and often combined with another breast surgery like breast reduction or breast lift to address excess skin or improper placement.

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