Breast Lift with Implants, Age 52
Pittman Plastic Surgery
July 21, 2016

I just wanted you and Dr. P to know how much I appreciate the care I was given during my recent surgery! I was a little nervous (ok… A lot nervous!) regarding the invasiveness and stiches involved with the “lift”, but I must say I was astonished at how quickly I felt completely back to normal! In fact, my biggest challenge has been to dial it back a notch and remember I’m still ” recovering”. I found that I only used the pain meds for 3 days and then the muscle relaxers and Tylenol was sufficient.

I’m happy to ease the apprehension of anyone having concerns and needing reassurance that they are in the very best hands!! Please feel free to share my phone number or email so I can sing your praises! I will see you guys soon for my 1 month check!