Dr. Ed. Pittman is absolutely the best
Pittman Plastic Surgery
November 7, 2019

Dr. Ed. Pittman is absolutely the best plastic surgeon–ever–period. I have known Dr. Pittman over twenty years. He has treated four generations of my family.

The first time I met Dr. Pittman was when I was about 45 years old. I walked in that day to interview him for my first face lift. I had two other interviews set up with other physicians. I had done my homework and knew I needed to have at least three consultations to “connect” with a doctor and to confirm their qualifications. I can say, that after meeting Dr. Pittman, I cancelled the other interviews. I knew he was the physician for me!

The thing that sets Dr. Pittman apart from other plastic surgeons is that he genuinely enjoys his work and he is always trying to hone his skills and improves his practice. He is a master of his craft. He really cares about his patients and connects with them. He answers every question and takes time with his patients, making them totally secure. He wants his patients to be comfortable — physically and mentally. He makes sure that his practice offers the latest in cosmetic surgery and cosmetic techniques.

I have always been impressed with the staff at Pittman Plastic Surgery. Everyone is caring, professional and totally attentive to the patient’s needs. From the time you walk in the front door until you leave, you are surrounded by people who are concerned with making you comfortable and cared for. When you call, you are not greeted by an automated system, you are greeted by a pleasant person. The medical staff and the office staff are exceptional.

I cannot begin to say how grateful I am to have met Dr. Pittman over twenty years ago. I would never consider another plastic surgeon. I am grateful that he cares for our entire family. As I said before, he is the greatest–there is not enough superlatives to describe him.

Dr. Pittman is a rare find. He is a physician who cares about his patients, his practice and making himself the best cosmetic surgeon that he can possibly be. He is the whole package–truly rare in today’s world.