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Immediate Improvement

Immediate Improvement
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Immediate Improvement

Before my breast reduction/lift surgery, I experienced constant pain including nerve pain in both upper arms, shoulder pain with extremely deep grooves, back pain, headaches. I also found it very hard to find clothing that fit due to the huge size of my breasts. After my surgery, though I felt the pain of incisions and the effects of being put the sleep and painkillers, I had no pain in my arms, shoulders, or back. I also had upper and lower eyelid surgery during this procedure. Before surgery, I had a limited field of vision and had a constant dermatitis and many eye infections due to any makeup I tried to wear being pushed into my eyes by my drooping eyelids. I also experienced embarrassment due to my “tired” look. After surgery there was an immediate improvement in vision and once everything cleared up, in my looks and self esteem.

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