“Mommy Makeover” Patient SS
Pittman Plastic Surgery
June 19, 2017

After years of thinking about having a “Mommy Makeover” including studying surgeons to do the procedure, I finally broke down and called Dr. Pittman’s office for an appointment.  Dr. Pittman and every person on his staff greeted me with compassion and non-judgmental, open arms.  Each person, including Dr. Pittman himself, took the time to listen to my concerns and to truly understand what I wanted to accomplish.  They even took me on a tour of their beautiful, fully up-to-date surgical suite.  I knew, and my husband knew exactly what to expect beginning with the days before surgery, the morning of surgery, the surgery itself and recovery time.  We even had an accurate estimate of the exact costs to expect.

I suffer from anxiety and have a high degree of drug sensitivity. My biggest concern was not the surgery or pain after recovery but having to be put to sleep.  In the past, I have not had good experiences with anesthesia. Dr. Pittman took the time to investigate all of my concerns.  I came through the surgery and more importantly came out of surgery with absolutely no issues, no nausea, and not even any pain to speak of really.  All of those issues were managed to perfection.  Dr. Pittman called me personally that evening to check on me and to answer any of my questions and the questions of those who were helping to care for me.

I am so happy with the results.  I have a flat, tight stomach, and – well let’s just say my top portions are perky, and up where they should be, plus I have had no loss of sensation or feeling.  I also don’t get sore each month, which was a terrible discomfort with heavy, saggy breasts before my cycle in the past.  Decisions to go through surgery are personal and unique for each individual but I wish I had gone through with mine years ago. Without hesitation, I would strongly urge anyone to allow Dr. Pittman and his staff to be your choice for surgery.  He will take good care of you and his work is just first class.