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I was thoroughly pleased with my experience. I would recommend not changing a thing. Special thanks to Michele, Alex, Kate, Kara, Luba and Dr. Pittman...I have already recommended a best friend for a consult. Thank you all!

-Facelift, 51 yr. old Male

September 18, 2017

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Dr. Ed. Pittman is absolutely the best plastic surgeon--ever--period. I have known Dr. Pittman over twenty years. He has treated four generations of my family.

The first time I met Dr. Pittman was when I was about 45 years old. I walked in that day to interview him for my first face lift. I had two other interviews set up with other physicians. I had done my homework and knew I needed to have at least three consultations to "connect" with a doctor and to confirm their qualifications. I can say, that after meeting Dr. Pittman, I cancelled the other interviews. I knew he was the physician for me!

The thing that sets Dr. Pittman apart from other plastic surgeons is that he genuinely enjoys his work and he is always trying to hone his skills and improves his practice. He is a master of his craft. He really cares about his patients and connects with them. He answers every question and takes time with his patients, making them totally secure. He wants his patients to be comfortable -- physically and mentally. He makes sure that his practice offers the latest in cosmetic surgery and cosmetic techniques.

I have always been impressed with the staff at Pittman Plastic Surgery. Everyone is caring, professional and totally attentive to the patient's needs. From the time you walk in the front door until you leave, you are surrounded by people who are concerned with making you comfortable and cared for. When you call, you are not greeted by an automated system, you are greeted by a pleasant person. The medical staff and the office staff are exceptional.

I cannot begin to say how grateful I am to have met Dr. Pittman over twenty years ago. I would never consider another plastic surgeon. I am grateful that he cares for our entire family. As I said before, he is the greatest--there is not enough superlatives to describe him.

Dr. Pittman is a rare find. He is a physician who cares about his patients, his practice and making himself the best cosmetic surgeon that he can possibly be. He is the whole package--truly rare in today's world.

November 7, 2019

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After years of thinking about having a “Mommy Makeover” including studying surgeons to do the procedure, I finally broke down and called Dr. Pittman’s office for an appointment.  Dr. Pittman and every person on his staff greeted me with compassion and non-judgmental, open arms.  Each person, including Dr. Pittman himself, took the time to listen to my concerns and to truly understand what I wanted to accomplish.  They even took me on a tour of their beautiful, fully up-to-date surgical suite.  I knew, and my husband knew exactly what to expect beginning with the days before surgery, the morning of surgery, the surgery itself and recovery time.  We even had an accurate estimate of the exact costs to expect.

I suffer from anxiety and have a high degree of drug sensitivity. My biggest concern was not the surgery or pain after recovery but having to be put to sleep.  In the past, I have not had good experiences with anesthesia. Dr. Pittman took the time to investigate all of my concerns.  I came through the surgery and more importantly came out of surgery with absolutely no issues, no nausea, and not even any pain to speak of really.  All of those issues were managed to perfection.  Dr. Pittman called me personally that evening to check on me and to answer any of my questions and the questions of those who were helping to care for me.

I am so happy with the results.  I have a flat, tight stomach, and – well let’s just say my top portions are perky, and up where they should be, plus I have had no loss of sensation or feeling.  I also don’t get sore each month, which was a terrible discomfort with heavy, saggy breasts before my cycle in the past.  Decisions to go through surgery are personal and unique for each individual but I wish I had gone through with mine years ago. Without hesitation, I would strongly urge anyone to allow Dr. Pittman and his staff to be your choice for surgery.  He will take good care of you and his work is just first class.

June 19, 2017

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Everyone seems so happy! Makes me want to work there. LOVE Dr. Pittman! I cannot say enough positive words about him and this experience.

May 24, 2017

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Everyone made me feel like I was family. Thank you so very much. For the first time in 18 years I am not in pain and I feel like a woman again. No words can express how I feel.

May 9, 2017

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Ive had 4 previous Surgeries at the hospital, and I was treated so well by Dr. Pittman's Staff! I was very impressed by the kindness and attentiveness of the courteous staff. All my questions were treated with understanding and completely informative. I was overall impressed with the entire staff and their promptness. I will highly recommend this practice to everyone. Never once did I feel like I didn't matter. I loved the way I was treated!

Beyond Reproach! October 21, 2016

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Everyone was very professional and made me feel very comfortable. The staff made a very private and personal decision an amazing experience. Dr Pittman is amazing. He tailored the procedure to my individual needs to make me beautiful. Prior to having my procedure done I had reservations but now I'm completely at peace with any procedure I have with Dr Pittman. I'm looking forward to having him do my tummy tuck in the near future.

Dr. Pittman Tailored the Procedure July 21, 2016

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I feel just great, I am very please with what Dr. Pittman did for my stomach, my breast and the liposuction done on my legs.

I Feel Just Great July 21, 2016

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Before my breast reduction/lift surgery, I experienced constant pain including nerve pain in both upper arms, shoulder pain with extremely deep grooves, back pain, headaches. I also found it very hard to find clothing that fit due to the huge size of my breasts. After my surgery, though I felt the pain of incisions and the effects of being put the sleep and painkillers, I had no pain in my arms, shoulders, or back. I also had upper and lower eyelid surgery during this procedure. Before surgery, I had a limited field of vision and had a constant dermatitis and many eye infections due to any makeup I tried to wear being pushed into my eyes by my drooping eyelids. I also experienced embarrassment due to my "tired" look. After surgery there was an immediate improvement in vision and once everything cleared up, in my looks and self esteem.

Immediate Improvement July 21, 2016

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I don't mind looking in the mirror anymore! I don't have bags under my eyes and my upper lids are not sagging anymore. I also had rhinoplasty and am very pleased with the outcome of that as well. I also feel I look 10 years younger!

No More Bags Under My Eyes July 21, 2016

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Thank you and the whole staff at Pittman Plastic Surgery for making my appointment today so wonderful! Everyone was so incredibly friendly and helpful. I appreciate the warm reception, the wealth of knowledge shared, and the kindness showed to me today. I feel so comfortable and extremely blessed to have found y’all! This has been such a big decision for my husband and I, we are so excited to begin this journey with such amazing people!

Breast Reduction July 21, 2016

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I sincerely want to thank all of you, all the girls (nurses) and Dr. Pittman! You all have been so professional yet you made me feel right at home. You especially for answering all my questions. I am so glad that Dr. Pittman did this lift for me. Having everything right there and knowing who I am gonna see each time is so important in the process! You all are the best. I will be telling everyone about you!! See you in a week.

Facelift, age 50 July 21, 2016

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I just wanted you to know how truly appreciative I am of everything you and your staff have done for me. I could not be more thrilled with my results! My incisions look incredible and the size could not be more perfect for me! I am so thankful for all the expertise, kindness, and patience I have received. Michelle was really kind and responded to all my e-mails. She helped me immensely with all my concerns throughout this process. You both made this so easy for me.

Breast Augmentation age 24 July 21, 2016

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I would like for you all to know what a powerful impact you have made on my life. You all treated me with the utmost respect and care and worked so hard to make sure I had exactly what I had hoped for all along. The results are so much greater than I could have ever expected. I feel wonderful inside and out thanks to all of you!

Breast Reconstruction age 25 July 21, 2016

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I came in very depressed due to the fact of excess skin. I was afraid to have a tummy tuck, but after speaking with the nurses and Dr Pittman, I was ready and excited to get this procedure done. Having the tummy tuck has been one of the best decisions I've ever made. The staff and Dr Pittman are so caring and very professional. I would recommend to ANYONE!

Very Satisfied!!

Best Decision July 21, 2016

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I was completely satisfied with my visit with Dr. Pittman and his staff. They were great in all aspects. Everyone was so nice, and I felt as if I genuinely mattered in their office. I wouldn't consider putting my physical health into just anyone's hands, and Dr. Pittman put me completely at ease. Great experience all in all. I cannot wait to get my breast aug in December. I am literally counting down the days!

Dr. Pittman Put Me at Ease July 21, 2016

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I felt the staff was knowledgeable and I felt comfortable discussing my desire for breast augmentation. Due to the personal nature of the surgery, I was concerned about feeling comfortable.

Felt Comfortable July 21, 2016

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Thanks to you all for being so kind and understanding. All of you are wonderful!

Breast Reconstruction age 39 July 21, 2016

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Thank you for your kind and compassionate care.

Facelift age 77 July 21, 2016

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One of my biggest problems I wanted corrected was my sagging neck and jaw line. I am overwhelmed at the results! Of course, I am also pleased with my eyelifts and muscle tightening of my face. I now look like I feel!

Overwhelmed By the Results July 21, 2016

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I cannot even begin to tell you how much I have loved my experience to this point with Dr. Pittman and his staff. I have never met a more friendly group of people. Stacy does an amazing job of making you feel comfortable with the consultation. She really conveys a deep respect for Dr. Pittman and his surgical ability not to mention five minutes after meeting her she feels like a lifelong friend. Dr. Pittman is a very confident, capable and caring physician. I knew he looked great on paper but he has a bed side manner to match it and that is often a difficult combination to find. He took my concerns and questions very seriously and I really felt like his only patient when he where he was involved with my appointments. Michelle is amazing as a patient coordinator. She is so warm and friendly... she is also has a lot of faith in Dr. Pittman and his abilities. Wanda is the sweetest thing and you can literally hear the smile in her voice when you speak to her on the phone. I would recommend this group to ANYONE considering breast aug or any other procedure for that matter!!!!!!!!! A++++ service and 150% Satisfied!!!!!!!!!

Dr. Pittman is Confident, Capable, and Caring July 21, 2016

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Your service is out of this world, since my first time to a plastic surgeon. Don’t change anything

Blepharoplasty, age 67 July 21, 2016

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Pittman Plastic Surgery patient Dannette Flint is one sassy southern lady. A stand-up comic by trade, Dannette decided that there was nothing funny about her sagging eye lids and sought help from Dr. Pittman.

Athens, GA Plastic Surgery Patient Experience with Dr. Ed Pittman July 21, 2016

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Dr Pittman and his staff made me feel very comfortable. They explained to me the different types of breast augmentation and told me about the one that would be the best for my body type so that really helped me out.

They Explained Everything to Me July 21, 2016

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I did not realize how uncomfortable my breast were till I received new ones. I can sleep better. I feel like they are truly mine.

I Feel Like They Are Mine July 21, 2016

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You guys really are the best! Again and again, THANK YOU! You guys rock, best I have looked in 5 years!

Facial Contouring July 21, 2016

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I am so glad God led me to you. I believe you guys are the best!!

Tummy Tuck age 55 July 21, 2016

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Extraordinary experience from the start to the finish with the Dr and staff. Dr. Pittman wants to make you look even better than you want yourself to look after surgery. He definitely accomplished these goals impeccably with me, and I certainly appreciate that. ( I had breast implants/revision, & breast lift using new " internal bra" procedure). I just love it....and I was a complicated case since I'm not very muscular & am pretty thin.

Extraordinary Experience July 21, 2016

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Having the surgery has made a major difference in how I view myself. My confidence level has been significantly increased and I am more comfortable with my body now. Before, my breast size was my biggest insecurity. I no longer worry about how others view me and am so pleased with not having to avoid V-necks and other clothing that made my short-coming more noticeable. I feel more womanly than ever before and couldn't be happier that I made the decision to go through with the procedure.

Confidence Level Significantly Increased July 21, 2016

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If I could clone him-he would be all of my physicians.

Pittman Plastic Surgery patient July 21, 2016

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Dr. Pittman is just amazing. I am so happy that I made the decision to go with him. Not saying anyone else wouldn’t have done a good job, but I just can’t believe how good I look. I was in the dressing room yesterday trying on some things and I just busted out crying. It is just the most amazing feeling. To try something on and sit down and not have that nasty, disgusting over hang of skin.

Mommy Makeover July 21, 2016

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I wanted to thank you for the good job you did and your talent. I have never been a person with an excess amount of self confidence, but this has helped me a lot. I had heard Dr. Pittman was good, and now I can truly say that from personal experience. Thank you so very much!

Facelift, age 61 July 21, 2016

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I look younger because my eyelids aren't drooping.

I Look Younger July 21, 2016

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I just wanted you and Dr. P to know how much I appreciate the care I was given during my recent surgery! I was a little nervous (ok... A lot nervous!) regarding the invasiveness and stiches involved with the "lift", but I must say I was astonished at how quickly I felt completely back to normal! In fact, my biggest challenge has been to dial it back a notch and remember I'm still " recovering". I found that I only used the pain meds for 3 days and then the muscle relaxers and Tylenol was sufficient.

I'm happy to ease the apprehension of anyone having concerns and needing reassurance that they are in the very best hands!! Please feel free to share my phone number or email so I can sing your praises! I will see you guys soon for my 1 month check!

Breast Lift with Implants, Age 52 July 21, 2016

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I would like to say thanks to all of you that helped me through this. You were all so nice to me and it was a pleasure to visit a place like that, with people that care. Dr. Pittman is the BOMB!

Tummy Tuck July 21, 2016

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The staff members were all very friendly and professional every time I visited the office. I received all of the information that I needed prior to my surgery and following my surgery. I'm very pleased with the results of my breast augmentation.

Friendly and Professional July 21, 2016

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You have gone above and beyond for me and I could not be more grateful! Dr. Pittman is truly an awesome doctor. I am so thankful to have met you and to have had such an awesome experience!

Tummy Tuck age 29 July 21, 2016

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I would like to tell Dr. Pittman and his staff how pleased I am with my implants. They have healed and look wonderful (I have received several compliments!!).

Breast Augmentation Patient, Age 41 July 21, 2016

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Dr. Pittman and his staff were totally professional, positive, and caring during my pre-op visits, surgery, and aftercare visits. Having surgery is never easy, but they did a great job of putting me at ease and explaining what was going to happen and what to expect during recovery and as I continued to heal. I highly recommend Dr. Pittman to anyone who is considering plastic surgery. I had both a breast reduction/lift and upper and lower eyelids done during one surgery and couldn't be happier with the results and the skill and care of this surgeon and his outstanding staff.

Professional, Positive, and Caring July 21, 2016

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Y’all are the most wonderful people. Everyone is so kind and genuinely caring. I feel special. Dr. Pittman and staff are the BEST!

TCA peel age 57 July 21, 2016

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My results.... I was a stage "3 drooper" going in.... breastfeeding had wrecked my breasts and I am too young to be seeing what I saw in the mirror. I didn't think that I could go into this expecting to look like a 20 year old again but let me tell you, I was wrong. My breasts are better now than they ever were and I can't believe it! Not only that, they don't look unnatural at all... they are perfect!!!!!! Dr. P is AMAZING!!!!!!!!!!

Breastfeeding Had Wrecked My Breasts July 21, 2016

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I felt very comfortable in my interactions with the staff and my consultation with Dr. Pittman.

Very Comfortable July 21, 2016

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Excellent experience, staff is caring and friendly. Dr. Pittman is a gifted surgeon and always made me feel comfortable. Superior practice!

Pittman Plastic Surgery Review July 21, 2016

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Dr. Pittman is at the top of my rating scale. I was referred to him by a satisfied friend, and had already had 3 other disappointing consults over a 2 year period of time. During our consults, Dr. Pittman was thorough, honest, caring and patient. I had a facelift 5 years prior and it altered my appearance, and I was unhappy. I was trying to get rid of some facial/neck/eye sagging and restore my appearance. I did not want to look like I had work done. Dr. Pittman’s approach is a natural look. He achieved all my objectives and I am thrilled! He and his staff are also unbelievable wonderful. I had a face lift, neck lift and lower eyelids done. It took me 2 years to find him, and I couldn’t handle another mistake like 5 years prior. Eventually I knew I would find someone I could trust, someone who was honest, and someone who was a truly talented surgeon, with a professional, state of the art medical facility; Dr. Pittman met all of those expectations and then some. You won’t be disappointed! And that will make all the difference!

Dr. Pittman Met All Expectations and More July 21, 2016

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I am confident again. I look in the mirror and I see me, only much younger looking. I had been unhappy with my appearance after a facelift done 5 years prior. Dr. Pittman restored my appearance, and was so much more detailed in his surgery procedures than my last surgeon. I am happy again with my appearance. Sometimes I look in the mirror, and I am actually startled at the results - in a good way!

Dr. Pittman Restored My Appearance July 21, 2016

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Once the healing process is complete, I believe that my confidence will be higher than ever before. I will no longer feel self conscious of the size of my breast which has been a daily struggle.

Confidence Higher Than Ever July 21, 2016

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Having breast implants makes me feel so much better about myself. Love...love...love!!!

Love Love Love July 9, 2016

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I know if I need them they are available-Dr. Pittman calling was also terrific.

Pittman Plastic Surgery patient July 9, 2016

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