Vectra 3D

Pittman Plastic Surgery is the only practice in the Athens area to offer Vectra technology.

Now you’ll finally know the answer to that ever important question, “What will I really look like after breast augmentation surgery?”*

Pittman Plastic Surgery is excited to announce our newest addition– the incredible Vectra 3D Imaging System!

How Does It Work?

  1. The Vectra 3D Imaging System scans your body and displays an image of your current breasts.
  2. Precise measurements are then taken of your breasts and inputted to improve accuracy.
  3. Finally, using the software simulation tools, a 3D digital visual of the expected surgery results will be created, allowing you to see exactly what you’ll look like after the breast augmentation surgery.*
  4. The Vectra will give you a 98.5% accurate, 3-dimensional image of what your breasts will look like after breast augmentation.

No more trying on different implants in your bra and hoping the results will look similar! No more doubts or fears! Have confidence in your choices with Vectra and Pittman Plastic Surgery!*

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