Women who have gone through pregnancy, childbirth, and breastfeeding often find that they miss their pre-baby bodies. The effects of becoming a mother sometimes cannot be fixed through diet and exercise alone. A “Mommy Makeover” is a combination of cosmetic procedures that helps restore a woman’s pre-baby figure.

Pregnancy and nursing causes the breasts to lose their youthful shape and natural position. This is often the area in which women come to us for help. We see many post-child birth women who come to our clinic looking for a breast augmentation in Athens, GA. Often these patients find that the full mommy makeover works best, as it also addresses the tummy area.

The Mommy Makeover procedure can include breast surgery as well as a tummy tuck and/or liposuction. Each patient is unique and every procedure may or may not be needed for every mom.

  • The augmentation procedure restores sagging, dropping breasts to their former perky state and pre-baby position.
  • The liposuction removes fatty deposits from the abdomen.
  • The tummy tuck repositions the muscles that may have separated during pregnancy, while also removing excess skin and some fatty tissue from the abdomen to tighten up the look of the mid section.

After a Mommy Makeover, our patients report they are happy to have their bodies back. In addition to loving their babies, they are able to love themselves and their new bodies even more.

Isn’t it time you did something for yourself too? Let us help get back to your pre-baby figure with a Mommy Makeover.