Whether you’re finally ready to book your plastic surgery procedure or you’re still mulling it over, an important part of your decision-making process should involve looking for the best plastic surgeon.

But what exactly should you look for? How do you find the best plastic surgeon for you?

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3 Ways to Find the Best Plastic Surgeon

1. Analyze their board certification.

Most people know that your plastic surgeon should be board certified – but do you know what board certification is the one you should be looking out for?

While most plastic surgeons will say that they’re board-certified, you should look for surgeons who have certification from the American Board of Plastic Surgery (ABPS). This Board is the only body that’s recognized by the American Board of Medical Specialties. Being certified by ABPS means that the plastic surgeon has been peer-reviewed and has demonstrated an exceptionally high standard of patient care.

2. Emphasize portfolio photos.

The plastic surgeon’s portfolio photos should be a leading factor for you in determining your best plastic surgeon. Carefully review both the online photo gallery and the physical portfolio that your plastic surgeon has in his or her office. Pay attention to how the results look. Are they natural and proportional to the patient’s body? Or do they look artificial, like it’s obvious that the patient has had work done?

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Don’t forget to check out how many of those patient photos feature the type of surgery you’re interested in. If you don’t see too many of them, it may mean that your surgeon isn’t particularly experienced with your desired surgery.

3. Pay attention to your gut instinct.

Don’t discount your gut instinct, especially when it comes to choosing your best plastic surgeon. Your potential plastic surgeon should make you feel comfortable and at ease with your surgery from the moment you walk in for your consultation. If, however, your plastic surgeon makes you feel small or doesn’t thoroughly answer your questions, you should move on to find a surgeon who genuinely values your time and questions.

One visit to this office will put you at ease!! I was treated kindly, courteously, and made to feel pampered!! Dr Pittman and his staff are both incredibly kind and top notch at their skills. What a great experience…especially for someone like me who has always been a “scaredy cat”!

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